David Duggan, PhD

An Origin partner, David Duggan, Ph.D., is a leading scientist and market/technical analyst with three decades of scientific expertise and over a decade of experience advising equity management firms on many of the leading genomics and personalized medicine companies. He is an Associate Professor, Quantitative Medicine and Systems Biology Division, TGen; Program Member, Cancer Control and Population Sciences Research Program, City of Hope; and Co-chairperson, Early Detection and Prevention, Arizona Cancer Coalition. Previously, his roles included: Director, Population Genetics Laboratory; Director, High Throughput Genotyping Technology Center; Associate Professor, Genetic Basis of Human Disease Division; and Technical Advisor, Office of the Chief Operations Officer.

Dr. Duggan pursues both highly collaborative research studies and industry contracts where the focus is on discovery and translation of scientific findings into real world application. These pursuits include evaluating the utility, cost-benefit and practical application of existing and new technologies; performing family- and population-based research studies, design and execution of clinical implementation studies, and engaging research and business partners. His research is focused on genetic causation to complex diseases especially cancer and the implementation of personalized medicine approaches to identify individuals at higher risk of developing disease; his laboratory has generated genetic/genomic data on over 300,000 samples. Polygenic risk scores as an approach to risk-stratification are the focus of his efforts today (along with many collaborators). Studies are focused on the clinical validity and utility of polygenic risk scores with the goal of improving the identification of individuals at increased risk of developing disease during their lifetime and getting them into prevention and or screening programs at an earlier age, for example. Dr. Duggan has published more than 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts; numerous invited reviews; several book chapters; and, co-edited a book on Oncogenomics. Dr. Duggan is a member of the steering committees for National Institutes of Health funded consortiums; an invited participant in several national and international scientific review panels; and, has been an invited participant in the scientific advisory committees for two leading genomic technology companies.

As a technology and applications expert in the field of genomics and personalized medicine, he has provided consultation services to dozens of equity management firms where he provided market analysis for genomics and personalized medicine companies—many of whom have enjoyed year-over-year revenue growth rates of 25-30% year after year during the period of time Dr. Duggan had been working with market analysts. He achieved a top 5% requested consultant ranking with a leading New York consulting firm. Dr. Duggan provided detailed market overviews (past, present, future) on product volume, revenue, growth, industry trends (1, 3, and 5 year forecasts) and technical analyses including general education of clients, detailed individual product review, detailed product review for a single company, detailed product comparison and contrast within and between companies and detailed company comparisons. Dr. Duggan fulfilled consultant requests pertaining to many of the industry leading genomics and personalized medicine companies in business today.

Dr. Duggan received his Ph.D. in human genetics from the University of Pittsburgh and obtained his post-doctoral training in genomics at the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD).