Derek Cridebring, PhD

Derek is an Origin Partner, responsible for the relationship development and direction of our biopharma initiatives. He is heavily involved in coordinating strategic partnerships, including grants, philanthropy, commercializations and research programs.

Further, Derek focuses on the financial and clinical impact of our initiatives, ensuring the right resources and infrastructure from across our partnerships and collaborations..

Derek is leading the clinical coordination around our cancer early detection strategy. Specifically, how the most promising late stage therapies, diagnostics and protocols shed insights on the prevention, early detection and early treatment of the most difficult to treat cancers.

He received his Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine where he studied neurodegenerative diseases. From 2003-2004 Derek placed his grad school on hold to deploy for a year long tour of duty in Iraq with his Army Reserve Unit where is he served as a Preventive Medicine Specialist covering roughly 20,000 lives.